Elevation3D Executive Vice President, Adam Karns, was recently interviewed by Exhibitor Magazine to be featured in their “Show of Support” section. The magazine highlights the COVID-19 response solutions Elevation3D has quickly deployed to a number of medical offices, gas stations, and other essential businesses.

With trade shows and in-person events on hold, Elevation3D has quickly pivoted it’s business solutions to meet the needs of medical providers, government agencies, and retail businesses that remain in operation.

“Our expertise is specifically related to temporary, efficient, and reliable structures that are able to be installed quickly,” Karns said. “It’s the exact sort of experience that is necessary while working in these nontraditional settings.”

The Las Vegas and Greater Boston facilities Elevation3D operates are deploying solutions to more than 50 locations across the Northeast, with additional orders being processed for the West Coast. The countertop shield protect staff as well as customers. They are fast to implement, efficient, and do no damage to existing surfaces or structures.

Learn more about the countertop and other solutions.

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