“We work very closely with Elevation3D at every step of the process, whether it’s the design, revisions, selecting the right furniture, making sure we are going to have the right lights in the right place, there’s always a conversation and a clear communication that happens both ways.”

Creative Director, Mediant

“I have gotten such great service from working with Elevation3D. They have been such great partners to me. From booth design to onsite service for a show. Super helpful. Always taking care of the details. Never leaving anything undone. If anything goes wrong, they are always there to find solutions. They’ve really learned our business and help tell our story to people.”

Director, Marketing Communications, Impinj

“I have been most impressed by Elevation3D is their responsiveness and just building a relationship with them. I feel like it hasn’t been work; it’s been fun along the way. I really appreciate their hands-on approach to completing our project and working with us, listening to us, be patient with us, and understanding.”

Communications Manager, Cognosante

“Absolutely superb! Elevation3D has provided us with everything. Booth set-up, different layouts, and all of our graphics. They integrated our website elements so that all of our marketing looks the same! I gave them my wish list: keeping it simple, but also being able to convey what our customers say. They got the whole overall plan that we needed to get our message across at this huge show.”

Director of Corporate Marketing, Mobile Heartbeat

“During a time of high stress, angst and last-minute requests, the team at Elevation Exhibits always worked with me and helped to reassure me. I look forward to a long and valued relationship between our teams.”

Susan Chebookjian

Millipore Corporation

“It’s always been a pleasure. they deliver what we ask for on time all the time. they blew my mind when we walked in. It was unbelievably gorgeous, and everyone has commented on it!”

Bob Kagan


“Working with them was not just a pleasure, and they were conscious of getting us the best price, but the service and the experience we had with them could not be better!”

Paul Tacorian


“We are continually impressed by their professionalism, service, quality, and, especially, their flexibility. they demonstrate a continued willingness to tackle challenges and come up with creative solutions that help not only ourselves, but also and most importantly our clients. I’ve also witnessed first-hand the extent to which they’re willing to go to bring in projects on time, as promised.”

Travers Stewart

Sakura International