Project: Elevation3D Brand Story
[Ken] Elevation3D was founded on the idea that the process of building experiences should be productive, results-oriented, and driven by an innate passion. A passion not only to succeed, but to see others succeed. More than a decade later we continue to operate with this idea in mind.

[Adam] Our goal is to get our clients to really connect with their customers, and that starts with a conversation. To achieve that goal, we work tirelessly to create memorable, face-to-face, brand building experiences.

[Adam] When any client, new or existing, comes to us with an opportunity, we try to sit down and talk with them about not only the surface level project details, but also the overarching goals of their program. And really it’s in these conversations that we gain some of the valuable insights about what really fuels their brand.

[Dana] We don’t want to give our clients just something that just looks, that’s a given. It also needs to be very strategic and solve very specific problems.

[Adam] Your team at Elevation3D will become your brand advocates, always pursuing what’s best for your brand.

[Vicky] Our goal is to make sure that we’re on time, we meet objectives, we meet expectations, and respect established budgets. Our account service team manages hundreds of events each year, so we provide a large level of experience and we bring a lot of value to our clients.

[Adam] Continuous research into our client industries helps us really develop some competitive strategies that drive results.

[Ken] Every day and for every project, we engage our most creative minds in pursuit of innovative solutions.

[Dana] So internally, there’s a lot of collaboration. At any given time, we’re 20 steps away from being able to just take a walk out and see all these great pieces and parts and components coming together.

[Adam] Creating a memorable experience is a result of a highly collaborative process.

[Dana] We prefer it if it could be more of a partnership. We like designing things with our clients. So by the time we get to the end where we’re looking at these beautiful renderings and the designer is presenting them to the client, it’s been a partnership and it’s been something that we’ve done together.

[Ken] We have a proven track record of delivering successful, face-to-face brand building experiences for our clients.

[Adam] We’re delivering more than just impressive exhibits and events. We’re bringing brands to life and our clients’ success is really how we measure our work.

[Ken] We truly become a valued partner. Let’s start your conversation.