We pride ourselves on being able to design, produce and manage projects in-house at each of our two full-service locations, in Boston and Las Vegas. Each exhibit is completely detailed with the latest software in AutoCAD at our facilities by our expert CAD engineers. New technology and top of the line tools are used by our skilled fabricators to transform renderings into impressive physical structures.

Our work is engineered to be efficient and durable. Built with precise craftsmanship, not one project leaves either of our facilities without passing multiple quality checkpoints. Every piece is delivered ready to install, saving time and reducing on-site costs.

Every exhibit or event property is fully constructed prior to shipping to ensure accuracy and eliminate unexpected and costly missteps on the show floor.

Our engineers are brought into the design process early on, eliminating surprises or setbacks between 3D renderings and engineering prints. The CAD Engineering team works collaboratively, collectively providing new and innovative ways to achieve the best deliverables. Working as a unit rather than in silos, every project receives expert handling, from preliminary exploration, through installation.


  • Graphic elevations package for seamless transfer from client teams
  • Enhanced production drawings for new and existing construction
  • Detailed electrical and networking layout
  • Time-saving floor and rigging plan in advance of delivery


Every project that we build receives precise, high-quality craftsmanship. Both Boston and Las Vegas facilities are fully equipped to deliver custom grade carpentry, complete with CNC automation, paint shop, metal fabrication shop, and other woodworking and electrical tools. We build each structure in our on-site shops, maximizing efficiency and allowing us to perform numerous quality checkpoints throughout the process. With the creative and client services teams in close proximity, we facilitate continuous collaboration between all teams.

We own and operate two 90,000-sq. ft. warehouse facilities—Greater Boston and Las Vegas—which provides flexibility for multi-show programs across North America. Properties are stored with logistical efficiencies in mind for each client’s program. Each of our warehouses offers a robust rental inventory, including portable structures, furniture, and AV.

If you are interested in warehousing options for international trade fair and event programmes, we have flexible options for many types of properties at each of our United States locations. Please contact us to learn more.


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