Exhibit City News shared how many exhibit agencies and face-to-face marketing firms are utilizing their typically event-focused resources and services to support local businesses’ plans to re-open.

In a strange twist, it is often during times of deepest uncertainty that humanity experiences the stories of hope and resilience that come to define a generation. As we continue to face the dual battle of a global pandemic and disconcerting social restrictions, individuals and firms across the tradeshow and event industry are putting society first by finding ways to support those most in need.

Among the trade show and event partners featured, Elevation3D is acknowledged for “their reputation for community-focused thinking and fluid design” and “eye on the future and the reopening of society”.

“Our COVID-19 response solutions have grown from immediate emergency response and essential business, to developing protective measures as all businesses and organizations prepare to re-open their doors, including schools, retailers and restaurants/bars,” says Marketing Manager Pamela Tangney.

In addition to myriad solutions available to support those on the front lines, essential businesses, and industries looking to re-open, Elevation3D has developed digital solutions that allow clients to stay connected during the social distancing.

Thinking outside and around the problem, Elevation3D has also enhanced its digital space. Solutions include custom virtual event platforms for individual exhibitors, as well as user conferences and tradeshows, to provide an opportunity to stay engaged and continue the momentum of their business, regardless of location or time zone.

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