Convert traffic to leads and generate more click throughs, shares, and overall conversions with compelling media. Attention-grabbing video, experiential content, and technology converts event traffic to leads and is far more memorable than traditional event marketing techniques. Engage with audiences on and offsite and build a media arsenal that delivers results long after your event.

Our in-house media team creates engaging multimedia that maximizes your presence on-site. From initial ideation through production, our team of producers and directors deliver superior value to your audience’s experience and your brand awareness. Contact us today for a free media consultation.

Video is an essential tool for web, social media, and at event marketing, and is increasingly preferred by audiences. Video delivers results, is flexible to content updates, and remains relevant longer than print or other content.

We work with clients to develop concepts and scripts, manage complete production, and deliver final video assets for all uses, including live events, websites, and pre-roll media.

• Brand story
• Highlight Reel
• Live Stream Events
• Keynote Presentations
• In-Person Product Demos
• Testimonials

Create an immersive experience that draws attention and engages audiences. Send your customers into futuristic or far-off scenarios with virtual reality. Captivate crowds with holograms and transparent displays. Utilize 3D projection mapping to create dynamic content for large and small-scale venues.

Interactive content generates 6X more conversions than passive content. Let customers get hands on in your trade show exhibit, office, or store, or at your next event. We work with an array of interactive technology to deliver an unforgettable experience. Whether you are using a small handheld device, a large wall, or an entire room, touchscreen content and interactive games most literally gets your audience engaged with your message.

Content marketing generates 3X as many leads as outbound marketing. Provide useful information and engaging content that drives SEO, educates and entertains audiences, and encourages brand interaction.

Take it a step further with strategic brand media that is not only valuable at your trade show or event but enhances your brand identity year-round. Propel your brand forward and achieve business goals at an accelerate pace with a diverse media package.



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