FM Global is a prominent brand within the insurance and risk management industry and is heavily sought out on the trade show floor. They wanted to create a new interactive experience that would reinforce their brand as a forward-thinking leader in research and partnership. There were several unique messages to convey to FM Global’s audience, but without a tangible product to display, their story and services needed to be communicated in a unique, memorable way. At its largest, the exhibit would display at 20’x80’, but needed to be modular and scalable to 20’x30’ and 40’x50’ configurations as well, without sacrificing core experiential elements. FM Global tasked Elevation3D with designing and constructing a new exhibit as well as concepting and developing the technology experience for their exhibit.


Starting with the largest footprint, Elevation3D created a cohesive exterior concept using five large archways from the front to the back of the booth, ranging from nearly 12’ to 16’ tall and 7’ to 11’ wide. The sheer size of the archways and LED tower captured attention from every angle of the floor. Bold brand colors contrasted the black of the towers, emphasizing FM Global brand immediately.

On the exterior of each archway, LED tiles played a series of five synchronized videos featuring actual FM Global employees. The videos included both live action and animated graphics that were eye-catching from all angles of the booth exterior. Continuing the exterior content, interior towers displayed an interactive carousel from which audiences used gesture-based technology to select a team member and play a short explainer video of their individual role and how it lends itself to the company’s mission, all of which was captured by Elevation3D.

Moving toward the center of the exhibit, a touchscreen monitor presented audiences the option to tour the multi-faceted research campus in the United States, or the new facility in Singapore. Each campus tour was displayed on a large LED monitor and included several videos that utilized both B-roll footage and 2D graphics to highlight the key features and research benefits of the selected campus. In addition to the composition, editing, and graphics for each video, Elevation3D also provided the scriptwriting and voiceover recordings.

The layout offered flexibility to add or remove technology as needed, allowing the FM Global team to maintain important technology and AV features at the various configurations throughout their trade show program.

In addition to the media content created for the exhibit, Elevation3D also created a promotional video that was used on the event channel at host hotels as well as throughout the exhibit hall. Vibrant 2D graphics promoting key brand messages were incorporated on lightboxes and other collateral throughout the space. In the hospitality area, guests could choose to experience the content from all of the other archways on tablets and accessed additional digital information either on their own or with an FM Global staff member.

This engaging and attention-grabbing exhibit was scalable to several footprints. It not only impressed audiences and competitors alike, but it also received Best of Show at RIMS 2019 where it debuted.


  • Modular design scalable from 20'x80' to 40'x50' and 20'x30'
  • Custom media content creation
  • Immersive technology
  • 198 LED tiles
  • Best of Show Awards at North America RIMS 2019 and Canada RIMS 2019