EXHIBITOR Media Group named Elevation3D Best of Show (Small Booth) at EXHIBITORLIVE 2019 at Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV. The Professional Development Conference for Trade Show and Corporate Event Marketing is a four-day event hosts thousands of industry professionals, trade show and event agencies, and numerous other vendors. During the event, EXHIBITOR recognizes excellence in exhibiting and design through a series of awards.

Elevation3D was named Best of Show Small Booth Award winner for their custom-designed, interactive 10×20 linear exhibit. A panel of judges, including several corporate trade show marketers and event managers, evaluated hundreds of exhibits at the event and selected Elevation3D as the winner.

Take a look at the impactful exhibit in this EXHIBITORLIVE highlight reel.

“Great booth appeal. A creative and engaging digital experience,” noted one judge. While another commented, “The technology makes you want to engage. They had a natural attraction.”

The custom exhibit design featured an eye-catching wall of gold ears positioned around bold graphic letters that spelled “LISTEN”. An augmented reality (AR) experience allowed audiences to use a tablet to scan individual letters that triggered video and audio to play. The 2D letters featured bold graphics that were subtle clues to the content of the audiovisual component. The six letters corresponded to historical moments, film, and audio clips all tied to the overarching theme: listen.

In addition to the cutting-edge interactive trade show technology, the custom-branded environment included semi-private, furnished meeting area with where guests interacted with a touchscreen demo and. The exhibit design, engineering, media, and fabrication were all completed by Elevation3D in both the Boston and Las Vegas offices.

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