In June 2020 beMatrix announced the finalists and winners for their annual Best of beMatrix awards. Elevation3D is honored to have received three awards, in addition to being recognized as a finalist for work in additional categories.

The first award elevation3D received is for Best Use of LED Skin in the design and execution of FM Global’s impressive exhibit. This new exhibit design included a complete media component created and executed by elevation3D as well. This exhibit has won several Best of Show awards in the United States and internationally prior to receiving the beMatrix Best Use of LED Skin award in June 2020.

“Elevation3D created a cohesive exterior concept for FM Global Group using led skin tiles on exterior archways to play a series of synchronized videos. This was a great utilization of the beMatrix LED Skin tiles.” – Robert Laarhoven, beMatrix USA

Additionally, elevation3D was once again recognized the Certified beManiac award. This award is given to companies who have demonstrated outstanding purchase levels in 2019. The use of beMatrix in elevation3D designs and solutions demonstrations a commitment to sustainable products and innovations, as well as a dedication to providing clients economically and otherwise efficient products to support their programs. For exceptional partnership and purchase levels for over five years, beMatrix recognized elevation3D with the Hall of Frame award.

You can watch the virtual beMatrix Best of Awards online here.

beMatrix Best of beMatrix Award seal for elevation3D

beMatrix 2020 Award Seal for elevation3D Exhibit Design